Tax Credits for Contributions to Scholarship Organizations - RIGL 44-62


NOTE: Once you have made your contribution, please be sure to submit, to the Division of Taxation, a certification by an independent Rhode Island certified public accountant that your contribution has been made to the qualified scholarship organization along with a copy of your canceled check. Your credit certificate(s) cannot be issued without this information.

Click here to read instructions and responsibilities for this program.

SGO Application - 2023 application is now available

Application to be completed annually by a scholarship organization. This form must be submitted to the Division of Taxation by December 31 so that the SGO may receive contributions in the upcoming year.

Business Donation Application - July 1, 2022 application now available!
Application and Instructions

Application to be completed by business entity interested in donating to qualified scholarship organizations.


$935,050.00 in credit was available on July 1, 2022 when the application period opened.  Because the amount of credit applied for exceeded the amount of credit available, a drawing was needed to determine the approval order of applicants.

The drawing was held on Monday, July 25, 2022 at 9:30am in Conference Room A on the 2nd floor of the 
William E. Powers Building (Department of Administration Building) located at One Capitol Hill, Providence, Rhode Island.

To see the results of the drawing, click here.


SGO Donation Certification:

Read these instructions for the information required for certification by the qualified scholarship organization acknowledging receipt of business entity donations.

Qualified Scholarship Organization List - 44-62-7 - Updated for 2022

SGO Summary Information on Scholarships Distributed