Rhode Island statute allows for multiple tax credits and incentives that can be used to offset tax liability.

Some of these tax credits and incentives are "by right" and do not require pre-approval or certification by the Rhode Island Division of Taxation.  These credits and incentives still require that supporting documentation and a tax credit form, if applicable, be provided when the tax credit or incentive is claimed on a tax return.  Without this supporting documentation, the tax credit or incentive claimed will not be allowed.


The Rhode Island Division of Taxation oversees and administers several tax credit and incentive programs.  Below, you will find links to the procedures and applications for these select credits.

The credit and incentive programs require applications, approval and review by the RI Division of Taxation and, if applicable, another state agency.

   Historic Preservation Investment Tax Credits

   Historic Preservation Tax Credits 2013

   Motion Picture Production Tax Credits

   Musical & Theatrical Production Tax Credits

   Tax Credits for Contributions to Scholarship Organizations


These tax credit and incentive programs are administered in conjunction with the RI Commerce Corporation.

   Rhode Island New Qualified Jobs Incentive Act 2015

   Rebuild Rhode Island Tax Credit

   Stay Invested in RI Wavemaker Fellowship

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