Top 100 Tax Delinquents

The Rhode Island Tax Administrator is authorized by state law to publish lists of the top delinquent taxpayers – those who owe the largest amount of state tax and whose taxes have been unpaid for a period in excess of 90 days following the date their tax was due

The law authorizes the Tax Administrator to publish two such lists on the Rhode Island Division of Taxation’s website:

Like all states, Rhode Island relies on tax revenue to provide vital public services – from public safety and transportation to health care and education. When someone fails to pay the tax that is owed by law, everyone suffers, and honest taxpayers must shoulder an extra burden.

More than 23 states nationwide – including Connecticut and Massachusetts – use Internet lists to help collect unpaid taxes.

Posting the lists is a way to encourage tax delinquents to pay what they owe, come back into compliance with the law, and ease the burden on the overwhelming majority of taxpayers who pay what they owe and pay it on time.

Neena S. Savage

Tax Administrator


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