Year Ending 12/31/2004

Document Description File Download
1040 Resident Return Download
1040 Booklet Resident Booklet includes Instr and Tax Tables Download
1040-Instr Resident Return Instructions Only Download
1040ES/Instr 1040 Estimated Tax Return with Instructions Download
1040MU Credit for Taxes Paid to Other State (multiple) Download
1040MUNR PART YEAR RESIDENT Credit for Taxes Paid to Other State (multiple) Download
1040NR Nonresident (Part-Year) Booklet Included Instr and Tax Tables Download
1040NR Nonresident (Part-Year) Return Download
1040NR-Instr Nonresident (Part-Year) Return Instructions Only Download
1040NR-V Nonresident Return Payment Voucher - USE IF YOU OWE TAX Download
1040V Resident Return Payment Voucher - USE IF YOU OWE TAX Download
1040X Amended Return Download
1041 Fiduciary Return/Instructions Download
1041ES Estimate for Trusts & Estates Download
1065 Partnership Informational Return Download
1310 Refund Claim - Deceased Taxpayer Download
2210 Underpayment of Estimate Download
2210A 2210 Shortcut Method Download
2688 Application for Additional Extension of Time to File Tax Return Download
2848 Power of Attorney Download
4868 Application for Automatic Extension Download
6251 Alternative Minimum Tax Download
71.3 Instructions For Sale Of Rhode Island Real Estate By Nonresidents Download
71.3 Residency Affidavidt Download
71.3 Nonresident Election of Gain Download
71.3 Certificate of Withholding Due Download
71.3 Remittance Form Download
71.3 Discharge of Lien Download
71.3 Intent to File Notice of Sale Download
71.3 Notice of Sale Download
8453 RI Individual Income Tax Declaration For Electronic Filing Download
8453-OL RI Individual Income Tax Declaration For Electronic Filing - Online Download
8736 Automatic Extension for Partnership/Fiduciary Download
8800 Additional Extension for Partnership/Fiduciary Download
CGW Capital Gains Worksheet Download
deduct Deduction Schedules Download
NRWHXMPT Affidavit of Exempt Seller Download
Sch D RI Schedule D - Capital Gains and Losses Download
Sch J RI schedule J - Farm Income Averaging Download
Tax Rate Sch 2004 Tax Rate Schedule Download
Tax Tables 2004 Tax Table Download
Document Description File Download
1120 form only CYE 2004 1120 Return for "C" Corps Download
1120 Instructions CYE 2004 Instructions Download
1120(S) CYE 2004 1120S Return for "S" Corps Download
1120ES Estimated Tax Return Download
1120F Supplemental Schedule Download
1120SN Nonresident Income Tax Agreement (repealed - t/y 12/31/04 and later Download
1120V Payment Voucher Download
1120X Amended Corporation Tax Return Download
2220 Underpayment of Estimated Tax Download
7004 Extension Request Download
Good Standing Request for Letter of Good Standing Download
Good Standing Non Profit Request for Letter of Good Standing - Non Profit Download
Qualifying Corp Application For Election As A Qualifying Corporation Download
Schedule S Schedule S Download
T-71 Insurance Company Gross Premiums Return Download
T-71A Surplus Line Broker Return of Gross Premiums Download
T-72 Public Service Corporation Gross Earnings Tax Return Download
T-74BE Banking Institution Excise Tax Return Download
T-86 Rhode Island Bank Deposits Tax Download
T69-ESBD Declaration of Bank Deposits Estimated Tax Download
T69-ESBE Declaration of Banking Institution Excise Estimated Tax Download
T69-ESINS Declaration of Gross Premium Insurance Estimated Tax Download
T69-ESPS Declaration of Public Service Corporation Estimated Tax Download
T69ESSLBDEC Declaration of Surplus Line Brokers Estimated Tax Download
Document Document Description File Download
1096PT 1096PT with instructions Download
1096PT-ES 1096PT Estimated Tax Coupons 2005 Download
1096PT-V 1096PT payment voucher Download
1099PT 1099 PT form Download
RI-1040C 1040C Form with instructions Download
RI-1040C-ES 1040C Estimated Tax coupon- 2005 Download
RI-1040C-NE 1040C Election by non-resident member Download
RI-1040C-V 1040C Payment voucher Download
RI-4868C Automatic Extension to File 1040C composite return Download