Rhode Island on Pause Grant Program

Awards will range in amounts from $750 to $75,000 for the three-week Pause.


Click here to see a list of grant recipients for weeks 1 and 2.

Click here to see a list of grant recipients for weeks 3.

Taxation and Commerce held a Zoom Webinar on Navigating the Application Process on Friday, December 11th at 11:00 am. Watch it here.

Grant Program Eligibility and Requirements


On December 10, 2020 Governor Gina Raimondo announced that the Pause would be extended for one additional week - through December 20, 2020 - and that the Grant Program for Rhode Island on Pause would include relief to businesses for all three weeks, not just the first two weeks.

Eligible businesses will receive two checks: one for the first two weeks of the Pause and a second for the third week of the Pause. The second check will be half the amount of the first check. If you apply and receive the first check, you will automatically receive the second check; no additional action is required.

Taxation and Commerce held a Zoom Webinar on how to navigate the application process. Watch Here

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On November 25, 2020 Governor Gina Raimondo announced the Grant Program for Rhode Island on Pause for businesses affected by Governor's Executive Order - Rhode Island on Pause which imposes further restrictions intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

This Grant Program for Rhode Island on Pause ("Pause") is aimed at two groups of businesses directly impacted by the restrictions and the coronavirus pandemic.

The state is providing these grants to businesses to use for the following purposes:

  1. Pay for operational costs incurred throughout the year to enable the business to remain open through the Pause;
  2. Facilitate the reopening of the business as soon as possible after the Pause if the business was unable to remain open during the Pause;
  3. Pay the wages and/or salaries of employees to avoid furloughs or layoffs.

To qualify you must show and attest to the monetary loss to your business.

Who is eligible:

GROUP 1 - Restaurants, bars, caterers and food trucks that have an active meals and beverage account

GROUP 2 - Businesses that fall into the following industries:

  1. Indoor Recreation or Entertainment Establishment
    1. Indoor entertainment establishment (e.g. movie theater, comedy club, performing arts venue/organization)
    2. Indoor recreation (e.g. arcade, bowling center, pool/billiard hall, escape-the-room, trampoline park, roller-skating rink)
    3. Indoor spectator sports venue
    4. Other Indoor Recreation or Entertainment Venue
  2. Gym or Fitness Center
    1. Gym/athletic club/exercise center/health club
    2. Sports facility (tennis club/racquetball club/hockey rink/swimming facility)
    3. Fitness instruction center (e.g. aerobics, dance, yoga, karate, etc.)
    4. Other Gym or Fitness Center
  3. Event Support Professionals impacted by the Pause whose primary source of income (more than 50%) is event-related, including only photographers, videographers, florists, limo services, event planners, event rentals, performers, convention and trade show organizers, hair and make-up professionals

What are the requirements?

For all applicants:

  1. Business impacted by the restrictions mandated by the Governor's Executive Order - Rhode Island on Pause issued on November 25, 2020 regarding restrictions effective from November 30, 2020 through December 13, 2020
  2. Registered with the RI Division of Taxation
  3. Filing taxes with the RI Division of Taxation
  4. Be a viable business - either currently open or temporarily closed
  5. Not in or considering federal bankruptcy or state receivership
  6. Have proof of impact

Additional Group 1 requirements:

  1. Maintain an active Meals and Beverage account with the RI Division of Taxation
  2. Have filed and paid Sales tax AND Meals and Beverage tax. You will need to report the total amount paid for sales tax and meals and beverage tax for the month September of 2020. * (see the FAQs for additional information)

What do you need to do:

  1. Get your Sales tax Permit Number and Liquor License Number (if applicable)
  2. Gather your Sales tax and Meals and Beverage tax filing information for the month of September 2020
  3. Gather your payroll records as of September 2020
  4. Complete the on-line application
  5. Attest to the statements being made on the application

The deadline to apply was December 14, 2020.

Important Information

Read the FAQs, but still have questions or need more information:

Email Tax.Excise@tax.ri.gov or

Call (401) 574-8484

Don't meet the criteria for this grant program yet believe you have an impacted business?


(401) 521-HELP

Have questions? Most questions should be answered in the Revised FAQs.

Still need more information?

Email: Tax.Excise@tax.ri.gov or Call (401) 574-8484

If you think you have a business that has been impacted but do not meet the criteria above,

please call (401) 521-HELP.