Business Owners

As a business owner, you are required to file and pay various taxes and fees related to operating that business.

Corporate Tax

Depending on the entity type of the corporation running the business, either a minimum fee of $400 or a tax of 7% on the income of the corporation is due annually. Please visit our Corporate Tax webpage for more information.

Employer Tax

As an employer you are required to pay certain employer taxes on behalf of your employees. Please visit our Employer Tax webpage for more information.

Pass-through Income Tax

If your business is a pass-through entity with one or more non-resident members, a pass-through entity return is required to be filed and the appropriate tax paid on the income of the non-residents. Please visit our Pass-through income  webpage for more information.

Sales & Excise Taxes

if you make sales at retail, your entity is required to collect and remit one or more taxes

  • a 7% sales tax is due on all taxable sales made by your business
  • a 1% local meals and beverage tax is due on food sales
  • a 6% hotel tax is due on hotel room rentals

Please visit our Sales and Excise Taxes webpage for more information.

Withholding Tax

The wages earned by you and your employees are subject to Federal and state withholding. Please visit our Withholding Tax webpage for more information.